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Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE)

Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE)


Reporting to Director, educators work collaboratively with staff and parents to deliver high quality, safe, inclusive, and nurturing programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers in accordance with the Program Statement and policies of Yonge Hearts Child Care Centre. Our Program Statement follows the “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years” approach, with a focus on relationship building through the four foundations of Belonging, Engagement, Expression and Well-Being. ECEs are expected to take a leadership role by mentoring Early Childhood Assistants, placement students, share expertise and model effective interpersonal skills.


Educators engage with families, plan experiences and set up the learning environment, participate in play, and extend learning with children all with a view to the safety and well-being of the children. Educators will apply the foundations of How Does Learning Happen to:


·         Create environments that support a child’s physical and mental well-being

·         Follow the daily schedule in supporting a balance of active and quiet play

·         Ensure children’s needs for rest and nutrition are met throughout the day

·         Plan daily/weekly experiences to support the needs of both the group and each individual child regardless of ability

·         Establish an emotionally safe learning environment that is fee from stereotypes

·         Engage with families in supporting way

·         Partner with agencies to support children with special needs

·         Engage in learning with children and encourage curiosity and enthusiasm while children explore freely within the learning environment

·         Support children as they communicate in a variety of ways in a language rich environment

·         Share information with children and families in variety of ways including visual schedules


Specific Responsibilities:


·         Working knowledge of the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014

·         Working knowledge of How Does Learning Happen

·         Ability to work independently when needed to make decisions in complex, non-routine emergency situations situation based on the knowledge of the Child Care and Early Act and regulations, Emergency First Aid and Toronto Children’s Services; Assessment for Quality Improvement

·         Commitment to follow the Policies and Procedures of Yonge Hearts Child Care Centre

·         Commitment to adapting the learning environment to meet the needs of all children

·         Ongoing commitment to professional learning and development

·         Attend and participate in all staff meetings, annual general meeting and any extracurricular events planned

·         Participate in self/peer and room evaluations

·         Inform parents of accidents and/or illnesses

·         Prepare quarterly newsletters for parents

·         Prepare for and conduct by-annual parent/teacher meeting

·         Maintain professional parent/teacher relationship and informal communication daily

·         Follow parent’s request. Record any relevant information in daily log

·         Keep up-to-date records including: daily logs, sign in/out attendance sheets, accident form, daily and weekly programming plans, developmental records, sleep supervision forms, sleep monitor checklist (if applicable), individual Infant/Toddler daily notes (if applicable)

·         Related duties as assigned


Skills/Qualification/Experience/Education Required:


·         1+ years’ experience

·         Registration with the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE) maintained in good standing

·         Completion of college in early childhood education

·         A capacity to work as a member of a Board-governed, not-for-profit organization

·         Current certificate in Standard First Aid/CPR (Level C)

·         Criminal Reference Check (Vulnerable Sector) that meets the requirements of Yonge Hearts Child Care Centre

·         Current immunization and health requirements according to Toronto Public Health

·         Current medical exam, tuberculosis test


Physical Requirements:


·         Change positions comfortably to respond and interact with children, for example, moving from standing to sitting, crouching, kneeling, walking, or running

·         Stand intermittently for up to an hour at a time including at a sink and/or counter to prepare food or wash dishes, cots, program toys, equipment (as per schedule)

·         Work in an environment that may require exposure to inclement weather conditions, exposure to loud noise levels, exposure to body fluids and communicable diseases

·         Administer prescribed medication, First Aid including CPR and Epi-pen

·         Escort groups of children for neighbourhood walks

·         Set up indoor and outdoor program space daily including unpacking equipment and supplies, rearranging tables and chairs, cots and small furniture

·         Sweep, follow laundry and garbage schedules, disinfect, mop

·         Clean and disinfect children’s toilets/sinks after each use

·         Ensure safety and maintenance of equipment and materials

·         Assist in odd jobs (snow and leaf removal in playgrounds)

·         Life up to 20 pounds (children, equipment)

·         Push and pull wagons, riding toys, food trolleys, etc.

·         Related duties as assigned


Language of Work:



Job Location:

Yonge Hearts Child Care Centre

5176 Yonge Street

North York, ON  M2N 5P6


Position Type:

Permanent, Full-Time – 35 hours per week

Salary $44,717.40 (CAD) per year


Wage Enhancement and Benefits:


·         Provincial Wage Enhancement

·         Discretionary bonus available based on performance

·         Group insurance (including life, accident and illness, disability, extended health care, dental, vision) benefits available after three (3) months of employment

·         Incremental wage raise available based on annual performance review


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