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Psychological Associate

Employer: The Cohen Clinic

Position Offered: Psychological Associate

This is a full-time permanent position in Toronto, Ontario.

The Cohen Clinic is a Toronto based private practice which provides professional mental health services and therapy. We are a growing practice offering therapy to adolescents, adults, couples and families. We use evidence-based approaches to assist clients in reducing their distress and improving their functioning.

Hours per week: 35

Wage/Salary: $45.00

Language: English


·         Counsel individuals in developing and adjusting personal, social and vocational skills to be more effective in their lives

·         Assist clients in managing a physical or mental condition or disorder according to the applicable program and methods

·         Evaluate clients using standard psychological tests and assessment methods

·         Assess client’s behaviour in order to diagnose behavioural, emotional and cognitive disorders

·         Counsel clients and provide therapy

·         Create and plan intervention programs according to evaluation of client’s behaviour and needs

·         Conduct evaluation of program throughout implementation with client

·         Use and apply appropriate psychological theory and principles regarding behaviour, mental processes and concerns, such as learning, language development, memory, perception, etc. to develop appropriate treatment plans


Qualifications: Completion of a related master’s degree is required. Candidate needs to be registered with or eligible to register with The College of Psychologists of Ontario. 5+ years of experience with different evidence-based therapeutic approaches, counseling and trauma informed treatment or EMDR is required.

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