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Hotel Manager

Fernie Stanford Hotel & Resort Inc., 100 Riverside Way, Fernie, BC, V0B1M1 is looking for a Hotel Manager with high school education. The candidate should also have either minimum of 1 year of related experience or certificate/Diploma in relevant field. This is a permanent full-time position with 32-40 hour of work per week. The hourly wage will be $30 per hour. The following are some of the Job duties for the position:

1.   Hire, train and schedule employees, and monitor employee performance and conduct regular evaluations to help improve customer service.

2.   Plan, direct and control overall hotel operations including budgeting and revenue and formulate and implement procedures for the operations.

3.   Resolve customer issues regarding hotel services, amenities, and policies.

4.   Develop and implement an intuitive and efficient marketing strategy to promote the hotel’s services.

5.   Managing relationships with hotel vendors, negotiating service agreements as appropriate for the provision of materials and supplies.

Interested candidates may drop/mail their resume at Stanford Hotels &Resorts Inc., 100 Riverside Way, Fernie, BC, V0B 1M1 or Email at

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